Foodshare: 3 Co-ordinating Volunteer Vacancies

Are you interested in giving something back to your community and helping grow a successful and much needed food share scheme in Windsor?

3 exciting opportunities to make a real impact and be part of a small volunteer team that co-ordinates all the activities of Foodshare.

We are looking for 3 volunteers passionate about tackling food poverty who are prepared to give a few hours each week including a Thursday afternoon to co-ordinate the various activities of Foodshare. Each role as currently defined (see next page), has different skills but we are flexible to evolve the roles to fit the right volunteers.  Between them they will co-ordinate and lead the project to help food reach around 150 Windsor residents each week. A very rewarding and fulfilling way of giving back.

If you are interested in one or more of the roles, please do let us know.  You can simply apply by just sending us a covering email on which role interests you most, why you’d like to do it and a summary of your experience (CV).   The deadline for applications is now 5pm on July 21st.  To apply please email or, for more information on the roles please contact

Dates: Applications close: 5pm 21st July.  Interviews 28th/29th July. Shadowing & handover across August and roles in place from September 1st 2020.

Background: Foodshare is one of four projects under the umbrella charity of Windsor Christian Action: Windsor Homeless Project, Street Angels, Foodshare and More than a Shelter. We are made up of 7 Trustees, 5 employees and more than 100 volunteers.

3 Volunteer Roles being advertised for Foodshare Windsor.

Role 1 Co-ordinator (c. 6-8hrs/wk)

Anchor and key co-ordinator for all Foodshare activities including the organisation’s response to the growing need for food share schemes. 

  • Be first line of enquiry via phone or email
  • Lead Thursday logistics at least 3 out of 4 weeks
  • To be positive in tone, attitude, word and action to all customers and volunteers, creating a hospitable, welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere.
  • To take the lead in dealing with voucher system and liaising with referrers
  • To liaise with other local Foodbanks, West Windsor hub and others
  • To keep up communication with Windsor Christian Action, write reports and attend the AGM
  • Co-ordinate the external liaison and speaking events
  • Responsibility for upkeep of website, and social media pages (others in place already helping with this)
  • Write reports & take a lead (with Minister of Dedworth Green Baptist Church, DGBC) in the Foodshare steering group every 4 months
  • Ensure good communication with host church DGBC and ensure that church lettings policies are followed.
  • To be the key holder for DGBC
  • To support the new distribution point at Kerith
  • Passing on information for thank you letters
  • Produce voucher information leaflets and other printed material needed
  • Keep track on key performance numbers and complete annual risk register

Role 2  Volunteers and Safeguarding Manager (c. 5-6hrs/wk)

Keep the volunteer supply strong, informed, happy, appreciated, clear on roles & safe

  • Liaise with Lions Club to maintain key volunteers /support
  • Produce volunteer rotas 3 times a year [Feb-May, June-Sept, Oct-Jan]
    • Thursday activities (client facing, teas & coffee, pack bags / sort food)
    • Collections (Homes, Supermarkets)
  • Provide support and appreciation for all volunteers
  • Keep volunteers handbook updated
  • Manage a database of volunteers in accordance with GDPR and Data protection
  • Organise training in safeguarding and manual handling
  • Deal with any incidents (alongside role 1), report accordingly
  • Liaise with WCA on policies and procedures
  • Complete all Risk assessments

Role 3  Stock, Fundraising and Financial Manager (c.4-6hrs/wk)

Manage the stock, lead the fundraising where necessary and keep track of spending vs income

  • Take charge of sorting, dating and rotating stock (with the team of volunteers on Thursday)
  • Arrange all stock collections
    • Supermarkets: Morrisons on Tuesday, Tesco on Wednesday evening, Gails bakery 6pm Wednesday (all can be delegated)
    • Coordinate the local street collections
  • Monitor stock levels weekly and buy food where necessary
    • Arrange / buy c £50 of fresh fruit and veg/ wk for food boxes
  • Lead on fundraising (with support of WCA fundraising team) including:
    • Coordinate all fundraising communications – donations /thank you letters
    • Apply for grants
    • Motivate and communicate with all donors including companies, other organisations and individuals
  • Keep track of spending and income (along with book keeper & treasurer)
    • Take cheques/cash to Stephanie for banking
    • Send receipts to book keeper