Our thanks must go firstly to our team of dedicated volunteers who offer their time and support in so many ways. We have packers, pickers, sorters, collectors, drivers, front of house, coffee makers, administrators, supporters, and so many more, thank you all so much.

We are also incredibly grateful to the Windsor Lions who not only provide 3 volunteers every week, but also support us financially.

Thank you to Windsor and Eton Rotary Club for their generous financial support and for their assistance in collecting the donations made by Windsor residents from Tesco in Dedworth.

We could not operate without the support of Dedworth Green Baptist Church and thank them for their continuing support in providing hospitality and storage facilities.

Thanks to Tesco Dedworth for allowing us to have a permanent collection box. Also, for working in partnership with Fareshare enabling us to collect bread and fresh ambient produce each week.

As always, we are very grateful to Waitrose Windsor, for continuing to be a collection point for us, as is Co-Op, Old Windsor.

And of course, thank you to all of those individuals, households, businesses, organisations, that support us with their food and financial donations – we are truly grateful.

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