May 2019 update
Please check this article out from the local paper!

May 2019 news update 

We are experiencing an unprecedented level of demand for our service at the moment.  We also have the duel challenges of not having enough storage space for the items we have a surplus of (soup, pasta and baked beans).  While also having shortages of UHT milk, fish, tinned vegetables and tomatoes, tinned fruit and desserts, cooking sauces, tea, coffee, squash, sugar, biscuits, tinned spaghetti, pulses.

We are often asked about toiletries, laundry powder/liquid and feminine hygiene products.  We are always delighted to have these but will always prioritise food.

The best way to help is to buy small amounts of the items we need on a regular basis.  This helps us manage supply and storage.  We are also very happy to have financial donations, please refer to the donations page

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