How to Get Help

Windsor Food Share was initiated by the Churches in Windsor in October 2013. It is part of Windsor Christian Action, a registered charity.  It is centred around the desire for fairness and where there is abundance for it to be shared.  Our approach is to treat everyone as equal and make no judgements on how need has arisen.

We seek to help individuals or families where one or more people in the home are not able to eat one of more days during a week because they cannot afford it. We also seek to help people who would find themselves in that position without our help. We help people living in and around Windsor.  The following people and organisations are able to refer:

  • Radian
  • Social Services
  • Children’s services
  • Schools
  • GPs
  • Faith Leaders
  • Mental Health Services
  • Community Wardens
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Probation
  • Windsor Homeless Project
  • East Berkshire Women’s Aid
  • Family Friends
  • West Windsor Hub

Citizens Advice Bureau Windsor. Appointments can be made at the Windsor Library, Bachelors Acre Windsor, SL4 1ER on a Wednesday morning by calling  03444 111 444..

If you are in need of help and are out of our catchment area, the following other groups may be able to help. In and around Slough, there is the Slough Foodbank.  In and around High Wycombe and Beaconsfield, there is the One Can Trust.  In and around Maidenhead there is Open Kitchen.   If you have a moment, check out our recipes page, here – it’s early days but we hope more will be submitted.