How To Help

There are a number of ways you can help us:

  • We are collecting financial donation in light of current travel/shopping restrictions
  • By providing regular donations of food
  • By volunteering to help with collecting, sorting and distributing food 
  • By providing a collection point if you are a local business or asking your employer to become a collection point
  • By providing food if you are a local food retailer, eg if you have food nearing its “best before” date
  • By submitting recipes here
  • By telling your circle of friends what we do and asking them to help

Please refer to the contacts page and the food donations page.

You can can also email

11 thoughts on “How To Help

  1. I would be interested in helping out – in any way that’s needed – from the middle of August (15th onwards).

    1. That’s great, thank you. Sarah has emailed you, so please check your spam folder or inbox and we hope to meet you soon!

  2. Hey, I did some volunteering work in a Hackney Foodbank last week, and I would be interested in maybe helping out more in the local area. I live in Windsor.

    Could you send me some info on email.


    Ian Brooks

  3. Hi how are you my
    Name is Edwin Guerra and I’m an interested in a volunteer position. I’m looking forward to helping our community and all those
    In need.

  4. Hi Sarah. Could I chat to you about helping with the sorting please? I am temporarily working from home on Smiths Lane as I’m restricted with driving. This means I could be available Thursday afternoons for a couple of hours if that would help.
    Many thanks

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